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Our mission is to educate through transparency in an ever-changing market. We can achieve this with our excellence in communication by providing up-to-date information and strategies, and customizing those to fit the needs of our individual communities.

The current market has many companies offering property management solutions that they feel to be the best in the industry. Everyone seems to make the same promises and everyone wants your business. It can be difficult to read through the information and decide who is best for your needs and who will deliver as they promise.


A trusted name. As the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho economy fluctuates, mistakes can be costly to handle with so many Associations in a state of foreclosure and lack of assessments being paid on time. Check reputable reviews online and ask others in the business for their thoughts. As opinions differ across the industry, you can then determine who lives up to their word and who does not.

AQM ranks client satisfaction as a top priority. As such, there are other firms out there that do not make you sign an agreement to have them manage you. Some firms even offer you cash back to give them a try. At AQM, we do not need to bribe you. Our staff is here and ready to serve your HOA and get it on track. It is only appropriate to have an agreement in place so there is no miscommunication on what is expected in this alliance, however ,what we do not do is make you feel trapped in an agreement. Our agreements allow for an out clause with no penalty should you not be satisfied. We are so sure that you will be satisfied with our service and performance, we do not have to make you feel obligated to a year-long agreement. You will want to continue with AQM. Our value and commitment make it your choice to stay with us.


Many are scared of the cost of a property manager and choose self management. However, there are benefits to professional management that can help the Home Owner's Association save as a whole. Efficiency plays a major role, connections to quality vendors, and of course, mediation when needed.

AQM takes great pride in reviewing your budget and utilizing our tools to reduce your costs. So many Associations come to us and cannot understand why they have to continue to increase their assessments. We show them how to reduce that, if not prevent it altogether. We have spent a long time working with vendors and finding those who give the best price without sacrificing the work performed since we send them a volume of business. This is an advantage to your Association when choosing AQM. We want to add though, you are not obligated to use our vendors as with some Associations. Our preferred vendors are available to you. If you have someone that has done quality work that you are happy with, we will work with them as well.

We also take great pride in our aggressive assessment collection. There is no time for late payers. Especially in today’s market when foreclosure is all too common, we protect the Association by exercising all options for collection and not letting a unit get too far behind. Added up front legal expenses are the last thing an association needs, or an unnecessary special assessment for that matter.

The hours required to effectively manage an Association can add up when you are working a full time job yourself. For a Board Member, this is volunteer. Our team of professionals make this their daily focus so you do not have to.

As we have mentioned, communication is the key. We continue to encourage communication among unit owners so that when a dispute arises, we can be there to mediate as needed and find and encourage resolution. Our goal is happy, peaceful communities. We achieve that at AQM.

When retained as your management company, we completely review your property and timeline the maintenance and contract work you may need, along with costs associated so we can plan for these expenditures. Much like a reserve study, we prioritize for you what is needed first, and create a spreadsheet over a course of time so you can see how we make progress. Monthly reports to show how we are working against the projected timeline are provided to you so can also see the progress.

Below are just some of the items to naturally expect we will take care of for you:


· Detailed record keeping of all contracts, proposals, unit owners, meeting minutes, correspondence, bank statements, insurance documents, etc.

· Information available to all Board members with a simple request.

· Maintain log of unit owner requests and actions taken.

· Attend four Board meetings per year, including your Annual Meeting. This can be customized should your needs exceed this.

· Prepare Management Reports for all scheduled meetings.

· Adhere to Building Compliance per the City of Albuquerque.


· Collect and deposit all regular and special assessment payments.

· Follow all proper protocol relating to any delinquent unit owners to ensure assessments are made in a timely manner.

· Complete thorough record of income and expenditures.

· Prepare financial documents customized to your property through our accounting software for scheduled meetings.

· Payment of regular operating expenses, payment of special expenses with Board approval.

· Proper investment of reserve monies with Board approval.

· Send monthly assessment statements to Unit Owners detailing amount due and late fee.

· Record of insurance including soliciting the best price possible.

· Work with accountant on preparation of tax documents.

· Prepare annual budget and submission of annual report.



· 24 hour emergency contact.

· Make recommendations for common area janitorial and maintenance services.

· Solicit proposals for review of any needed work.

· Oversee Chief Engineer of his daily diagnosis of property needs determined via a weekly walk through.

· Project manage any large work that needs to be completed according to our maintenance timeline projection determined at Annual Meeting.


· Committed reputation to deliver as promised.

· Unparalleled customer service.

· Customized Management strategies for each size property.

· No penalty to terminate the agreement at any time.

· We will beat any written offer or contract that outlines the same service.


· Advise the Board on special areas of concern such as engineering studies, property tax assessments, reserve studies, green design etc.

· Send out semi-annual service questionnaires to Board Members.

· Promote community living under the guidance of the Board by encouraging social gatherings and committees for gardens, workouts, etc.

Our reputation is known for delivering the communication we promise to help your Association grow. No one wants to wait on an email or a return phone call. Let’s face it, in today’s time of technology there is no reason to have to wait. All staff members have a Blackberry and wireless laptop access to optimize their daily performance. Company vehicles have printer capability should any documents be needed when working in the field. This level of consistency is why we are the industry’s chosen management company.


Are you self managed? Is your Association managed by a company you are having second thoughts about? Contact Us and answer a few questions and we will advise you if the best practices are being used to manage your Association as effective as possible. Because we care about how Associations are managed, this is our gift to you to help enhance as many communities as we can in the Albuquerque Metro Area.


To educate our portfolio members through transparency in an ever-changing market. We can achieve this through our excellence in communication by providing up-to-date information and strategies, despite the decline in the industry.

That dedication is the value we deliver in our high quality management and has earned us the reputation we are proud of. Your respect is the foundation of our business that we truly appreciate.

We put it all in writing.

We are committed to customer service.

We are happy to help you.


What else can we do for you today?

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