Under our AQM Multi-Family Residential Division, we provide dedicated, comprehensive solutions for multi-family property management in the third-party sector. Leadership coupled with education and strong team support make us a firm immediately ready to handle any assets needs. There is nothing too complex for us to solve, and given our experience, we value that service and commitment we can provide.

AQM proudly represents extensively in assets for Developers, Investors, Trusts, and other owners. We specialize in a variety of property types to accommodate these asset holders. As we continue to grow by demand, our national resources allow for us to meet all of our clients needs in a timely fashion.

At AQM, trust is foremost. We are backed by a solid, educated management team with access to top Accountants, Attorney’s and high rated vendors to oversee your assets, 24 hours a day.

Achieving all of the above allows for us to provide a home to our residents that makes them feel exceptional. This philosophy carries over and allows for longer term residents who enjoy the property to renew their lease. Residents will not mind mild rent increases as determined because they see the value we provide. This allows for remarkable returns on your investment in addition to our work on placement in the market. Simply put, we make sure our communities shine in the neighborhood, thus providing desirable housing that residents want to come to.

We operate in accordance to our Ten Focus Standards set forth by AQM:

Teamwork/Maintenance Management- We are a cohesive team that works collectively and independently together to keep relationships with our Asset Owners solidified. This performance, coupled with our relationships with outside vendors and in staff, fully trained maintenance engineers allows for an alliance to remain proactive on your investment.

Accountability/Transparency/Responsiveness- We are accountable to ourselves and our clients and residents. We remain transparent in our performance communication to both our clients and residents alike. We take great pride in our immediate response time and our 24 hour service.

Leadership- We exercise and train our proven leadership tactics to all recruits. We have minimal turnover because we assess this procedure in the hiring process to reduce time wasted on turnover. We are proud of our leadership skills and carry that expectation through all of our team members.

Maximize Asset Values-We achieve top level performance on all of assets on our portfolio by instituting systems of proactive maintenance while remaining cost effective and adhering to budget, maximizing revenue gains by watching the market and making sure we remain competitive without losing revenue, manage expenses, facilitate our supportive services when needed, and providing an excellent resident relationship to ensure retention for occupancy.

Marketing/Leasing-We consistently evaluate our asset portfolio and implement improved strategies to maximize the value and profit. We consistently meet all short and long-term marketing goals.

Education/Training- We educate our employees in all aspects to be results-driven and focused on investor/asset expectation. Our focus standards are the foundation to this.

Skill Acquisition-Our screening process for professionals undergo an exceptional training process we have implemented in addition to implementing resources in the surrounding industry and education tools from memberships to ensure everyone is receiving the most recent information. Current team players regularly undergo this training as well for enhancement.

Asset Management-The founders of the company are very involved. They deliver expert oversight to meet every investor/asset goal. Our proven tools were designed to implement strategies that can adjust as the market changes best fit for individual portfolios in respective areas. Each of our Portfolio Managers oversee a maximum of 4 to 5 assets, depending on size to provide individual and customized attention to each asset as needed. We understand overloading as manager is not only damaging to a firm’s reputation, but ultimately effects the management delivery on each asset and inhibits us from maintaining our focus standard.

Accounting/Finance- Our reporting has been best described as streamlined, easy to read, and readily available. We are proud of this accuracy and timelined reporting to meet the expected standards of our investors. Clients of AQM benefit from BUILDIUM, an efficient, results driven tool for effective reporting that positively impacts the bottom line. Further, we do not overload our accountants with too many assets to account for. This allows for customized reporting and individual attention deserved to each community.

Vendor Resources/Relationships- We are proud to have representation from reputable fields in our industry for a variety of needs and resources. The best Accounting firms, attorney’s on standby for questioning, whether it be from our owners or our staff, and specialized vendors when needed that are available at a moments notice as needed for our portfolio of properties. Our Albuquerque Vendors undergo a specific background and reference check to ensure quality and delivery on our needs.

Many of today’s management companies confuse a tightened market with management skill and pass this information on to an owner/investor. Frenzy-oriented solutions associated with panic measures do not equate quality management. In fact, they send a wrong message to an owner which ultimately affect the asset’s bottom line. This is why we established our focus standards and adhere to them. Their proven track record makes any business relationship with AQM a winning decision for everyone involved.

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