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Superb Communication. Transparency and Accuracy. Above Market Rents. Welcome to AQM Rental Management.

We are pleased you have contacted AQM Property Management Services, a locally owned and operated business within New Mexico. We are backed with 13 years experience in single family portfolio management, and have become the preferred management choice through referrals based on our desire to protect an investor's asset as if it were our own.

We have a long list of connections to place qualified tenants in a variety of areas throughout Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. We are known for our quick placement and our investors appreciate how well we look out for their properties and remain transparent with them on our communication.

We offer full service property management with no hidden fees, and are known for our streamlined business culture and our immediate response time to clients.  Every property in our portfolio we represent receives individual attention.  We are Broker Licensed with janitorial, maintenance, project management and landscape available to you when needed, which saves money compared to hiring and scheduling other vendors. All property owners and tenants benefit from our 24 hour access. We are an aggressive management firm with many additional facets of experience in a variety of Real Estate related fields.

Rental Management Agreement

Here Is Our Fee Structure:

10% Monthly Management Fee on collected rents

$75 one time Advertising Fee

Tenant Placement

We are always advertising our name through print, online marketing and referrals. Our phone is always ringing and our prospects are always making a connection with us through our website. This ensures steady traffic for potential tenants for your home. Full background checks are run on all prospects including, criminal, rental history, employment and credit. Standards are set to ensure the least possible problems for those who move in.

Home Owners


To save costs for you, we have vendors available to provide quality, proactive and timely maintenance for your property. This allows for us to control the costs for you and get things taken care of at your property immediately which promotes long term tenants and less turnover.


On the 4th of every month, and if necessary, the collections/evictions process starts to ensure you receive your money in a timely manner.  We have a very low eviction rate due to our standards. There are no exceptions to this, and our residents are made aware of this immediately at lease signing so there is no room for error or misunderstanding.

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Every 6 months, we do thorough inspections of your home while tenant occupied. We include this in our management fee costs, no extra charges to do this. Prefer your inspections to occur every 3 months? Just let us know and we can make that available to you. However, because we build relationships with our tenants to promote long term residency, we usually do not have any problems with damage or neglect. Our tenants take care of the homes in our portfolio, to protect your investment. Our inspections are just a proactive measure to ensure that for you.


We are proud of our automated features and owner portal that can be made available to you 24 hours a day. At any time you can access financial statements showing monies collected and any disbursements that have been made. Documents are available as well such as lease copies, contracts and any maintenance work performed. Tenant rental histories, property rental histories, tax information to your accountant, and all other documents related to your asset can be made available so you have constant access. And of course, with any questions, a live person is available to you and happy to assist…just call or text us.

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Samuel Shoshoo Realtor Qualifying Broker Albuquerque AQM Property Management
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Here Are Some Other Things to Consider About Our Firm:

Our staff shows all homes (We hear some of our competition requires a deposit and sends prospects alone to view your home. We view this as unsafe and puts your property at risk for squatters)

No eviction fee unless we have to file (Other firms charge a monthly fee, but if you never need an eviction you are paying for nothing)

No application fee charged to the owner (Other firms charge the owner this, we charge the applicant)

No additional charges for property inspection fees (This is included in our management fee, other firms charge up to an extra $150 per inspection for this)

No Maintenance Account required (Other firms require sometimes upwards of $400 locked down before they will manage your property)

No Brokerage Fees

We achieve top dollar rents

We keep it that simple, within proven results.

AQM, LLC. All Quadrants Management. AQM Property Management. AQM Residential Brokerage. Samuel Shoshoo Qualifying Broker.
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The Team At AQM

Click here to learn more about Brokers Samuel Shoshoo and Matthew Martin.

We are proud to be featured in Albuquerque Business First as a Premier Choice in Management Firms in the Albuquerque Metro area. Feel free to check us out here on: Albuquerque Business First


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Our mission has been to provide an experienced Real Estate Management Firm to the Albuquerque Market that offers Rental and Investment Real Estate Services to everyone who is searching for a company they can trust with their investment. We have succeeded at this. Our clients proudly speak for us as we get referrals all the time. Join the others who are more than satisfied with the growth we have provided to their portfolio and the care we give to its maintenance as if it were our own. Our homes stay occupied, with no loss in income, so your investment remains what it was intended to be…a profitable investment.

No hidden fees. All costs notified upfront. Complete transparency. Proactive maintenance. Aggressive management. Top dollar rents. All streamlined for you.

We look forward to hearing from you and an opportunity to win your business.

AQM, LLC. All Quadrants Management. AQM Property Management. AQM Residential Brokerage. Samuel Shoshoo Qualifying Broker.

Kathy K.

Albuquerque, NM



"They are the best management company I've ever worked with! They are so friendly and know how to get things done."

Amanda G.

Las Vegas, NV



"I am currently living in Las Vegas, and needed to rent out my house in Albuquerque. AQM was really nice in helping me through a special circumstance and are very professional!! Great property management company here in the city!"

AQM Property Management
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